Our story

Who’s better to tell our story than our lovely client, David?

Although David and his company aren’t real, he is still kind enough to share his experience to reinforce our story.



Our key belief

Brands rely on creating an emotional connection with their target audience. With the rise of motion and animation, WaveYourBrand believes that it is crucial for today’s brands to make branding synonymous with animation. Whether you’re looking [to get moving] on a small or large scale, it strengthens your brand and gives more context from which to present your branding in a more united, dynamic, cost-efficient and (of course) fun way! You just need to know how to apply it.


The people behind.

WaveYourBrand believes in the power of co-creation. We are a collective of freelance creatives that have a variety of backgrounds and skills. Depending on your needs, we assemble the prefect team. So let’s shake our hand and WaveYourBrand.

Dion Luijten (Owner) Art Director / Animator
Blossom Bolweg (Freelancer) Concept / Branding
Armand Maessen (Freelancer) Illustrator
Denise Vallipuram-Nedermeijer (FrameRiot) Animator
Thomas van Remmerden (Freelancer) Sound Designer
Moby (co-founder) Leisure Coach