WTF moet ik stemmen?

A video identity package for a Youtube series.

Assigned by Nozem Films
Client BNNVARA / NPO 3
Produced by Studio WaveYourBrand

WTF moet ik stemmen?

In the new NPO3 YouTube series ‘WTF moet ik stemmen?’ a panel of three political experts provides customized voting advice to undecided young people. Hajar, Nugah, and Fien are well-versed in all the parties and programs and are armed to the teeth with statements to help the candidates fill in the right box in red.


The elections have a somewhat old-fashioned image among young people. It was our task to give the program and the voting process a fresh and youthful appearance so that young people become enthusiastic about going to the polling station.

The result…

A short leader, bumpers, transitions, statement choices, name and information cards, and various frames. Watch the full episode on