A series of explainer videos for web and social use..

Assigned by World Health Organisation
Produced by Behandeling Begrepen and WaveYourBrand


During the beginning of the pandemic, it was extremely important that everyone received the right information at the right time. This includes the use of personal protective equipment and guidelines for the workplace. In collaboration with Behandeling Begrepen, we helped the World Health Organization to summarize all the information in three explanatory animations.

Animated Icons

The recommendations during the pandemic were often quite complex and difficult to explain in a static icon. Therefore, we decided to develop all guidelines in animated icons. This way, you get just a little more space to clearly depict an action.

Clear and fresh

A clear and refreshing animation style was chosen, with a recognizable environment and multicultural characters that closely resemble reality. This way, a wide audience is addressed.

The outcome

Three short explanatory animations about the topics of face masks, do’s and don’ts, and work. In addition, we have also developed infographics and a set of icons.