Juvat neemt de tijd

A video identity package for an instagram series.

Assigned by Nozem Films
Produced by WaveYourBrand


In “Juvat Neemt De Tijd,” Juvat Westendorp engages in conversation with John Heitinga, Mart Visser, and Arno Kantelberg about what time has meant to them and how they view the past, present, and future. Nozem Films asked us to provide the series with a fitting video identity. The entire series can be viewed on Juvat’s Instagram account.


Watchmaker is an ancient profession. Since the series covers both the past and the present, it was important that the look and feel align with this theme. To emphasize the craftsmanship and handmade aspect, we went for a hand-drawn style with a handwritten font. By blending this with 3D animation, it still manages to have a modern appearance.



A short leader (mix of 2D and 3D elements), bumper, transitions, lower thirds and a one minute timer.