European Pension

A series of explainer videos for web and social use.

Assigned by Vechtlust
Produced By WaveYourBrand x MaesMaakt
Copy Vechtlust
Illustration Dion Luijten and Armand Maessen
Animation Dion Luijten and Armand Maessen

Where did my pension go?

If you’ve worked or are currently working in different European countries, it can be tough to get a clear picture of your pension. You might have a bunch of unanswered questions like, “Did I even accrue any pension during my short-term contracts?” or “How will having pensions in multiple countries affect me?”

Luckily, the ETS (Europian Tracking Service) platform, helps people find the info they need and get the pensions they deserve.

Expand your visual language already had a clear visual identity with distinctive colors, and they were already using small illustrations on their website. We helped them take their static identity to the next level by creating a fully illustrative and dynamic identity.

The outcome?

Three short explanatory animations about why to use, what it offers, and how to use its services effectively.