i love my ears

Three short campaign videos for web and social use.

Client I Love My Ears (VeiligheidNL)
Assigned by SocialMediaMen
Produced by WaveYourBrand
Sound design Thomas van Remmerden

earplugs with music filter

Earplugs with music filters are indispensable in the music industry nowadays. It is widely known that you are at a high risk of hearing damage if you don’t wear earplugs with music filters during a club night, festival, concert, or student party.

To promote the use of earplugs with music filters, I Love My Ears conducted research. The findings revealed that many young people still do not wear earplugs. As a result, Social Media Men was tasked with setting up a campaign that focuses not on the negative consequences but rather on the positive benefits of using earplugs.

As part of this campaign, SocialMediaMen approached us to handle the development of the campaign videos and visual identity.

let’s sketch

An important element of this campaign was the development of a pair of realistic earplugs shaped as appealing characters that would resonate with a broad audience.

To determine the appropriate human elements for creating these distinctive earplugs, we started with simple sketches. Additionally, it was crucial for the “doppies” to have accessories like festival glasses or fanny packs, allowing young people to identify with them.

bring them to life

After finalizing the sketches, we transformed the characters into 3D models. Subsequently, we built a rig that allows us to animate the characters’ gaze, speech, and emotions. To give the Doppies a realistic appearance, we applied the appropriate materials and textures to them.


This campaign aimed to target two specific audiences: festivalgoers and ADE/club enthusiasts. During festivals, people often wear earplugs with music filters for two primary reasons: to enhance their music experience and to improve social communication. To cater to these needs, we made the strategic decision to create two separate videos specifically tailored to festivalgoers.


We have developed three short campaign videos to be featured on the website and social media platforms of I Love My Ears. Additionally, we have created static images suitable for Instagram and advertisements.