Animatiebureau Dion Luijten

A brand story animation and animated images for
web and social use.

Assigned by Dion Luijten
Concept, design, animation & sound design WaveYourBrand, by Dion Luijten


DION LUIJTEN is a creative studio, specialised in simplifying communication through animation. With swanky 2D and 3D animations, Dion helps brands to convey their core message to target audiences in a unique way.

But, Dion is on his own and creating an exclusive brand identity for a personal-professional website and social media can be quite the pickle.


As luck would have it, Dion is specialised in brand identities and animation to support it. He simplified the entire process into the 5W1H-method (who, what, where, when, why and how), making sure the end product was aligned with the rebranding and brand identity.


A good connection between the overall brand identity, the website and social media platforms. Focusing on 3D animation, easy and accessible shapes and bold, fearless creativity.